The Deep Rationality of Software Testing

Anders Dinsen

Consulting Test Manager; Founder , ASYM APS

At the 27th EuroSTAR Conference in Prague, Anders Dinsen was presented with infamous award for Best Paper with this body of work. We are honoured to present another invaluable member of our community with this award and we will continue to appreciative the efforts of those speakers who go above and beyond what is required of them in their role as speaker. Immanuel Kant, one of the greatest in European philosophy has a reputation for being pedantic and difficult. But most of us intuitively get what he says: That interacting with things always involves the complexity of experiencing and learning.…....

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About Me!

I am a consulting test manager and tester in agile, waterfall, and hybrid contexts in Copenhagen. I am a  Danish, philosophically minded, educated, and enjoy the short power-distances part of Danish organizational culture as it enables me to create testing events which will teach people with power to make better decisions. I am an experienced thinker and facilitator of philosophical dialogue about values and testing-meetup organizer. I am also the father of four sons aged 14-22, married to Marianne on their 25th year with whom I recently renovated thE kitchen. In MY spare time, I chair the board of the local volunteers in the danish association for people with adhd.

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