Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing

Rex Jones II

Each One Teach One

Using the quality-risk-level you decide on the test intensity needed. To achieve that test intensity, test approaches and test design techniques are used. But there are very many approaches and techniques. So, which do you choose, and why? In this eBook you’ll read about the experience-based testing approaches and the coverage-based approaches with test design techniques in four coverage groups. This eBook shows examples of how to use approaches and techniques and will also explain that you don’t need to know ALL techniques as long as you know at least one technique per coverage group, so you’ll be able to…....

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About Me!

Rex Jones II has a passion for sharing knowledge about testing software. His background is in development but he enjoys testing applications.

Rex is an author, trainer, consultant, and former Board of Director for User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Mercury User Group (DFWMUG) and member of User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Quality Assurance Association (DFWQAA). In addition, he is a Certified Software Tester Engineer (CSTE) and has a Test Management Approach (TMap) certification.

Recently, Rex created Selenium 4 Beginners which is a social network that demonstrate Selenium, Java, and TestNG videos. In addition to the social network, he has written 6 Programming / Automation books covering VBScript the programming language for QTP/UFT, Java, Selenium WebDriver, and TestNG.

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