How To Use Selenium Successfully

Dave Haeffner

Elemental Selenium

What is Selenium? Why should you use it? And how do you use it successfully? In this talk, Dave answers these questions as he steps through through the why, how, and what of Selenium (the open-source automated web-testing tool used by millions of people world-wide). He also discusses how to start from nothing and build out a well factored, maintainable, resilient, fast and scalable set of tests in Java. These tests will not only work well, but across all of the browsers you care about, while exercising relevant functionality that matters to your business. Talk Takeaways: – What Selenium is,…....

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About Me!

Dave is the writer of Elemental Selenium — a free, once weekly Selenium tip newsletter that’s read by thousands of testing professionals. He’s also the creator and maintainer of the-internet (an open-source web app that’s perfect for writing automated tests against), and author of The Selenium Guidebook. He’s helped numerous companies successfully implement automated acceptance testing; including The Motley Fool, ManTech International, Sittercity, and Animoto. He’s also a founder/coorganizer of the Selenium Hangout and has spoken at numerous conferences and meet-ups about automated acceptance testing.

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