Stop the Rot: Banishing Flakiness from Selenium Tests

Simon Stewart


It’s a fact of life that end to end tests using Selenium are often flaky. Does it need to be this way? This presentation will cover some of the tactics and approaches that can be used. Much of the advice will focus on code, but if you’re not comfortable with coding, there will also be tips that can be applied by non-coders.....

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About Me!

Simon Stewart is the creator of WebDriver, the open source web application testing tool, as well as a core Selenium 2 developer. A frequent speaker at conferences, as well as GTAC, Simon has presented at the Facebook Mobile Developer conference, Selenium conference, Droidcon Berlin and many others.

Simon is Facebook’s W3C AC representative, and a former software engineer in test (SET) at Google. He describes himself as “undeniably hairy”, and holds a BSc in computer science from Nottingham University.

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