Becoming a Better Tester by Getting Involved in Everything

Steve Jefferies


What are you doing here”, “That’s not your job”, “That’s not testing” are all phrases I have heard over many years – usually after raising an uncomfortable truth about a project… Testers have historically been given a narrow remit and even though that’s thankfully increased with concepts such as shift-left it is still fairly common to see testers just picking up stories after they have been refined or developed. I’ve learnt that the most effective way of doing my job as a tester is to get involved in anything and everything. From getting yourself invited to sales pitches, to wading…....

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About Me!

Steve is the Principal Test Engineer and head of the QA community of practice at WTW. Steve currently supports a global team of test and QA professionals in their quest to deliver high quality software through a culture that puts testing and QA at the forefront of everything we do.

Steve has over 15 years experience working in software testing and QA, catching the software testing bug as a student tester back in 2008. He has since worked in a wide variety of test management, architecture, SDET and QA lead/engineer roles across a broad range of industries including the pharmaceutical, insurance and cyber security domains.

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