Do We Automate Everything for AI Testing!?

Marek Lof


In the early days of testing, there was a need to do everything manually. Testers were needed as a dedicated job title as well! That changed along the way to not needing testers at all in an Agile environment! A proper developer can just automate everything and test it as well, right?! After that stint, there was the Epiphany Era, in which IT Leaders and Business Owners alike saw the light and needed to incorporate testing in their DNA. We are building in quality! Yes! Finally.

The way forward to a continuous QA red line throughout our ART’s is becoming visible, right?! But now we’re faced with AI, ML and NLP processes? Does that upset our testing world completely? And in what way? How do we handle QA on an AI based platform? And can we Automate that? But how do we do that? And does it work? Do we Automate Everything? Are we still in need of Explorers and Pathfinders? Can we Automate AI Testing without them? Let’s follow the yellow brick road together and see what lies ahead when we want to achieve Automated Quality Assurance for AIs early steps into the corporate world.

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About Me!

Marek Lof, is a father, a husband, the keeper of 5 chickens, 5 rabbits, 2 dogs and a butler to 2 cats. He is currently working for CIMSOLUTIONS as a Senior Agile Project Manager | Consultant | Team Manager | SPC + SAFe & QA Trainer. Marek brings more than 15 years of experience to the table on the subjects of Testconsultancy, Testmanagement and Testautomation. Marek has great feeling for the Finance, Banking, Public en Industry domains. Marek Lof is a regular speaker on test related subjects and has presented at EuroSTAR 2021 in a special session regarding Mob Exploratory Testing. He has also presented at TestNET Spring Event 2022, Noordertest 2022, TestNET Fall Event 2021, Noordertest 2019, TestNet Fall Event 2018, TestNet Spring Event 2019 and the Dutch Testing Day 2018. Marek is the co-author of the Whitepaper; “Testing with Artificial Intelligence”. Within CIMSOLUTIONS he currently leads the Special Interest Group Testing and he is the Co-Lead of the Competence Center Testing.

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