How I am Unfolding my Potential as a Neurodivergent in Testing

Viviane Hennecke


In this talk, Viviane Hennecke shares: – How I am Unfolding my Potential as a Neurodivergent in Testing. Ever felt different or worked with someone who you couldn’t understand? Who seemed to think somehow unlike than you? Maybe they did indeed. Are you aware that there are two main types of human thinking: neurotypical and neurodivergent? Whereas neurotypical thinking is often described as “linear thinking” neurodivergent thinking is more “cross-linked”. I am fascinated by the differences in behavior and perception of the world that results out of this important detail. I think differently. But that’s not all. I behave differently…....

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About Me!

Viviane’s focus is on structured improvements of quality processes in scaled agile product development initiatives. For that, she is combining testing experience with her background in communication management and training skills. This combination supports in defining and improving quality assurance processes, documenting and communicating them, and bringing them to life.

After working in project management at a small digital strategy consulting firm, she joined Accenture in May 2018. Completing a trainee in “Business Analysis and Testing” she took different roles that were all related to quality assurance in scaled-agile transformations such as agile tester, agile test coach, test manager for hybrid projects, and lean-quality coach. On the side she was co-creating a train-the-trainer training, collected speaker experiences, wrote articles, and contributed to a book, among other things. Overall, she is quite keen in exchanging with the testing community.

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