Leadership: From Monolith to Pebbles

Adam Matlacz

Demant Tech Centre

When working with medical products, the verification process can be a real pain – especially when dealing with completely new QA team, complex hardware/software setup and collaboration of multiple scattered teams. My first release as a System Test Manager was a real struggle – stress, overtime, exceeding deadlines and a lot of uncertainty. But I’ve learned my lesson and focused on preparing and building the team with the right skill set and competencies. Now each team member is a leader in his own field, with set of responsibilities and me acting as a glue to hold them all together. Motivation,…....

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About Me!

I have spent my whole professional life in the IT in different roles – tester, consultant, pre-sales engineer, business analyst, scrum master and Agile Coach – to finally end up again in Testing. Engineer, speaker, trainer of skills such as software testing, Scrum and Agile processes. Owner of Quare.dev. Full-time System Test Manager and Test Architect at Demant. Lecturer at Coders Lab, Sages and Rivet Group. Passionate about building teams culture, exploratory tests and power of human factor in testing. Privately foodie, traveler and book lover.

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