Cultivating High Performing Teams for Every Business Need.

Diana Larsen

Agile Fluency™ Project

Cultivating High Performing Teams A successful team begins as a collection of individuals with complementary technical skills. As the team adopts agile practices, a team culture shift occurs. Instead of planning in terms of technical considerations, such as software layers or modules, the team now plans in terms of business, customer, or user benefit, exhibiting Focusing fluency. Mastery of technical practices like test driven development requires greater investment and, usually, more time. Once a team skills shift occurs that eliminates technical limitations to delivering working software, the team exhibits Delivering fluency. Where circumstances require, the team may internalize the capability to understand and address market needs.…....

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About Me!

A visionary pragmatist, I am Chief Connector at the Agile Fluency™ Project, where we hold a vision of an inspiring future: “Every agile software teams practices Agile Software Development at a level of fluent proficiency that specifically fits their businesses’ needs.”

Devoted to the success of all Agile coaches and teams, I co-authored books *Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great*; *Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams*; *Five Rules for Accelerated Learning*; and co-originated the Agile Fluency™ Model. I co-wrote the seminal “Agile Fluency Model: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile” article with James Shore, co-founder of the Agile Fluency Project. I collaborate closely with an extended network of consultants and other colleagues. I try to discovers solutions and possibilities where others find only barriers and obstacles.

As a founder of FutureWorks with many years experience working with technical professionals, I partnered with clients in the software industry to build my clients’ proficiency in shaping environments for productive teams and thriving in times of change. I led the practice area for Agile software development, team leadership, and Agile transitions at FutureWorks Consulting, so that everyone at every level can say, “I love my work…this is the best job ever!”

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