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Beren Van Daele


We humans are a learning species. It comes natural to us and just because it feels so easy to do, we are ignorant of its inner workings. When faced with unknown situations, machines, tools, concepts and experiences, we rely on different skills and characteristics yet we seldom pay attention to how we do it. How did you learn to operate a vacuum cleaner? What way did you start learning billiard? When an unknown machine stands before you, how do you advance? Your answers to these questions might uncover your preferred learning style. This eBook will explore various learning styles and…....

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About Me!

Before stumbling into the great profession of Testing, Beren Van Daele (RealDolmen, Belgium) studied to become a teacher of English and Informatics. There’s no better academic career he could’ve wished for. Deep insight into pedagogics and efficient communication prepare the young teacher for two core skills the new tester needs: Clear and concise communication and deep understanding of learning processes.

He is a test consultant now, who advocates testing and quality in companies that need it. Start-ups and big companies alike.

He blogs at EnquireTST.wordpress.com and is an active member in the testing community.

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