How Do I Think?

Andrew Brown


How do we decide if a desperately needed but problematic release can go live? How do we decide if we have done enough testing, or which parts can be safely skipped? Why do so many projects drift into risk seeking and irrational behaviour? The way we think and decide is central to every aspect of testing. Yet most of us have little understanding of how we think. In this session, we examine situations where we are rational and others where we are irrational. We discover how the Nobel-prize winning Prospect Theory predicts when projects will switch from rational into irrational…....

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About Me!

Dr Andrew Brown is a principal technical consultant at expleo. Recently, he has developed an independent line of research into understanding why we humans make the mistakes that lead to software defects. This research has produced a new view of defect reduction, several papers and a revamp of training and induction at SQS.

He has 25 years’ experience in the software industry. Previous roles include Head of QA at HMV, Head of QA at a financial software house and a test manager in Japan.

He holds a degree in Physics and Maths, an MBA from Warwick Business School and a doctorate from Imperial College.

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