Mama Said My Shape Was Okay – A Better Shape than I, T and X

Jihad Ghandour

Murex Lebanon

“At school, I was the shortest, and I had the darkest skin. Everyone bullied me for that, but Mama said my shape was okay. I always thought I needed to look like others to blend in, but I grew and discovered that our uniqueness is key to fruitful integration. When I started working at Murex, a company with a worldwide presence and more than 2400 employees, the market said there are three shapes of testers, I, T, and X. I was none, nor were these shapes perfectly fitting my needs. Even though at the surface they promote growth, at their…....

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About Me!

Jihad Ghandour is a Senior Quality Assurance Operational Manager at Murex. Jihad works on projects to enhance Murex’s testing techniques by embracing new methods or evolving existing tests. Jihad is an expert in technical domains of the product, such as Cluster Management, Security, and Operability..

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