Ready for Test – A Symptom of a Poor Quality Culture

Thomas Shipley


The Ready for Test column on our boards feels safe, but is it? A well-known column with a clear purpose, at least that is how it might appear. But what if this column is doing more harm than good in your team? Ideas such as Shift Left and Continuous Integration are increasingly popular. This popularity stems from early feedback, sharing knowledge and project roles between team members. Yet Agile software teams continue to treat Quality Assurance (QA) concerns as a separate stage owned by different people. QA team members provide feedback after the task, hoarding knowledge and taking over quality…....

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About Me!

Thomas Shipley is a QA currently working as a Delivery Consultant at GlobalLogic. Here he works with clients to help them improve their approach to delivering quality throughout the development lifecycle.He does this by mentoring, pairing, persuading and promoting a culture of shared quality ownership in teams.Experienced across many different industries covering retail, gaming and financial services at companies including, John Lewis, Just Eat, Microsoft and HSBC.

You can learn more by coming along to talks he gives on the practical skills and ways of working within the QA discipline or at his blog.

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