Good Enough Testing: Finding the Goldilocks Zone

Sanne Visser


Goldilocks was a spoiled little girl and a home invader. Fortunately, that’s not the moral of that story. The value of the fairy tale is that there is a point at which something can be just right. Just right is a porridge that is not too hot or too cold, a chair that is not too big or too small and so forth. This parable is relevant to software testing. I love the idea that there is a point where our test efforts are just right or in the Goldilocks Zone. The tricky thing is that there is no steady…....

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About Me!

Test manager, quality lead, or whatever you want to call the job. 10+ years in software testing and still love it. Prefer working on complex software projects preferably spanning multiple organisations. Do a monthly vlog with my 9out10testers pals and program chair for TestJam 2022. Part-time stoic, my motto is “Every effort is beautiful, you are what you do every day”.

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