Test Manager, Orchestrator or Quality Coach?

Gitte Ottosen


For some years we have been talking about the role of the tester, and how it should/might change in the light of new ways of delivering software – with agile, scaled agile, DevOps, etc. But the role of the test manager is changing too, and is being being questioned in some situations – should the role exist any more? For some, the traditional test management role is still 100% relevant (I have recently been in such a context myself), but for many of us, the test manager role is transitioning from the traditional test management role to a role focusing…....

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About Me!

Gitte Ottosen is a test manager and agile/quality coach with a strong focus on a value driven approach to software development. She has more than twenty years of experience in IT, primarily within test, along with test management and process improvement, in both traditional and agile contexts.

The last fifteen years she has primarily worked within an agile context, focusing on supporting a quality mindset across teams and organizations, and improving the processes for some of the largest international companies in Denmark.

As a self-confessed test and agile evangelist who preaches the need for a strong quality and value driven focus, Gitte is a strong advocate for a context-driven approach, a role requiring profound professional insight, passion, and persistence—qualities that Gitte holds in abundance. Gitte is a dedicated trainer within the areas of agile and test, and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

She holds several certificates within testing as well as agile; ISTQB Expert Level Test Management – Full, Certified agile tester (CAT), TMap Test Engineer, TMAP Organizing Built-in Quality at Scale, Certified SCRUM Master, & is a SAFe Program Consultant.

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