QA Outsourcing: Triumphs, Trials, & Takeaways

Paul Ngum

afriQA, UK

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, companies are continually seeking efficient ways to deliver quality products while optimizing costs and have historically turned to outsourcing This talk dives deep into the world of QA outsourcing, offering insights into its costs vs. benefits, potential pitfalls, and invaluable takeaways. We’ll begin by exploring the triumphs, highlighting how QA outsourcing has driven faster time-to-market for products, facilitated access to global expertise, and allowed businesses to scale testing capabilities on-demand. Next, we’ll delve into the challenges, shedding light on communication barriers, quality concerns, and the importance of aligning organizational cultures between the hiring company and…....

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About Me!

Paul’s career spans nearly two decades in the Legal and Information Technology sectors. He has spent the last decade leading and being accountable for software quality assurance and testing on significant IT transformation projects for both public and private companies in the UK.

Paul is the Founder & CEO of afriQA , a Social Impact QA Outsourcing company that partners with Universities across Africa to recruit, train, and remotely deploy QA Engineers globally.

Holding a Master’s degree in International Business Law and an ISTQB Advanced Level Test Management certificate, Paul contributes his expertise to various fields. He is a 2023 judge for The European Software Testing Awards 2023. His interests include all aspects of technology, data protection and privacy law, as well as the legal and ethical issues involved in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchains.

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