Streamlining Test Data Management for Effective Software Testing

Ingo Phillipp, Pomil Bachan Proch & Jeevan Koneti


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About Me!

Ingo Phillipp: Ingo is a seasoned testing professional who helps UiPath build software products that testers need and want. He holds a master’s degree (MSc) in astrophysics, an MBA from the Vienna University of Economics & Business, and has deep technical skills from 10+ years of experience in software engineering

Pomil Bachan Proch: In his current role at UiPath, Pomil is responsible for leading the product growth and ensuring adoption for UiPath portfolio of emerging products (Process Mining, Task Mining, Test Suite and AI based Document Processing) for APAC (India) region. He has over 9 years of experience spanning across the various facets of Information Technology

Jeevan Koneti: Jeevan has been an SAP Automation architectfor over 15 years and has successfullyimplemented enterprise-grade automationsolutions at Fortune 500 companies acrossvarious industries.

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