Designing & Testing for the Billion Voices

Adonis Celestine and Julia Zacharias


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About Me!

Adonis Celestine specialises in making software testing easy and innovative for everyone. Adonis leads the Solutions Architect team at Applause. He finds nothing more satisfying than providing the right solutions to customers, solving their problems in a creative way, and contributing to the overall success. He has several years of experience in the Quality Assurance industry across customers in Europe. Adonis believes in a broader perspective of quality assurance, where the role of quality engineer goes beyond testing features against requirements. He strives to incorporate modern technologies to automate this perspective in his day to day job. Adonis also loves public speaking, and writes at his leisure. In this paper, he wants to bring in a broader perspective of quality assurance and how to adopt it.


As SVP EMEA of Customer Operations, Julia has been managing the operative project business of Applause in Europe since January 2017. She is responsible for the onboarding of new customers, the support of existing customers and the expansion of the tester community in Europe. Julia works closely with Sales and Product development teams in order to keep the customer and tester satisfaction high, while keeping costs under control. Julia is a Certified Program Consultant for SAFe (Scaled Agile), and an avid public speaker. Since mid-2021, Julia has also been building and expanding the Accessibility Testing Practice in Europe. In this context, she works closely with her US colleagues, since the issue of accessibility is already much more important in this market than in Europe.

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