What’s Your Test Design Debt?

Wim Decoutere

CTG Europe

As projects and companies grow, so does their number of test cases and thus the number of duplicate, inconsistent, and irrelevant test cases. Every change in the system requires a massive effort from all testing resources to update these test cases, which inevitably leads to more test design debt, if not done accurately. For some companies this task has become such a burden that they rather take a fresh start, throwing away years and years of work. In this eBook Wim will introduce the concept of test design debt and explain several guidelines on how to create more lightweight test…....

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About Me!

Wim Decoutere started his testing career at CTG Belgium over 15 years ago and has been testing at a number of companies ever since, mostly in the financial sector. He’s passionate about teaching and feels at home when standing in front of a classroom. A couple of years ago, he became a full-time trainer, coaching and teaching about the wonderful world of testing but also ISTQB, IREB, IQBBA, test design techniques, soft skills, etc… As a veteran youth instructor with a passion for learning theories and people management, Wim is constantly looking for new ideas to improve his own performance and that of the entire testing team.

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