Better Test Design: A Journey to Succeed with UI Automation

Nikhil Kaul


UI automation often starts on a great note. You buy a test automation tool and start writing automated tests. But then over time, as you begin to scale your testing efforts, from ten tests to hundreds or even thousands tests, maintenance of UI tests becomes difficult. Test design in particular can often cause serious issues as your UI testing progresses. This eBook will show you how you can create a testing framework that scales. The topics covered in this eBook include: Where does UI automation typically go wrong? Why UI tests are essential part of your testing strategy? An example of…....

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About Me!

Nikhil Kaul is Product Marketing Manager, Testing Products at SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world. He previously served Digité, a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management solutions, in various roles including Lead Associate. There, he gained insights into software development and testing market. Nikhil recently received a master’s degree in business administration from Georgetown University. He is passionate about sharing best practices and is very involved in discussions taking place in development and testing communities. His thoughts can be found in Forbes and

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