Test Assessments – Why Do They Help?

Paul Mowat


The popularity of TMMi is growing & today there are over 500 individuals who have passed the TMMi Professional examination. There are 20 TMMi Lead Assessor but there is also the Accenture’s Test Assessment framework which can be used for SI/AO type projects, these can be conducted rapidly focusing on areas where it is known the client is experiencing challenges and we need to deep dive further to provide solutions to those challenges. Alternatively a comprehensive assessment with over 150 questions can be conducted. For some the TMMi assessment seems to be best fit for organisations who have adopted the…....

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About Me!

Paul Mowat is a Technology Delivery Lead (Senior Manager) at Accenture UK specializing in Test Consultancy/advisory as well as complex end-to-end delivery. Paul currently leads the UK Test Consultancy Practice and the Marketing for Accenture’s UK Practice. Paul has gained a wealth of experience in building high performing managed test services within Financial Services, Products and Communications, Media and High-Tech for global clients, developing and implemented test improvement and innovation programmes. Paul was one of the first globally in Accenture to gain the Accenture Master Test Architect certification through his test delivery experience. Since 2014 Paul has led test assessments across the globe as a TMMi Lead Assessor supporting C-Suite change programmes, training/coaching employees globally to build capability and increasing the maturity levels of the clients testing. Paul’s interest in agile testing has led Paul to volunteer to deliver Accenture agile university, the experience gained combined with agile testing, scrum and gaining the leading SAFe Agilist (SA) certification has meant Paul has gone onto implement agile best practices and used his experience to coach his current agile teams.

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