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The Core of Testing: Dynamic Testing Process according to ISO 29119

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This eBook is an extract from theGuide to Advanced Software Testing (second edition) by Anne Mette Hass. It covers the core processes, techniques, templates and practices of software testing that are invaluable to any software tester in the industry, whether they are starting out on their advanced testing journey or have already been working in test management or technical testing for some time.

Testers like to test! But sometimes it is difficult to get to grips with what testing really is; and it can be an overwhelming experience to be handed over a system and asked to test it. Where should you start? What should you test? How should you test it? In this webinar we will go through the dynamic testing process (as defined in ISO 29119 Standard for Software Testing) step by step. This will give an in-depth understanding of what the dynamic testing activities: Test Design and Implementation, Test Environment Set-up, and Test Execution, consist of. You can choose to perform the activities formally or informally, but no matter how you do it, understanding the activities and their purpose will enhance the quality of your testing.

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Anne Mette Hass

Anne Mette is a Principle Consultant. With a M.Sc.C.E. degree, Anne Mette Hass has worked in IT since 1980. She started as a programmer; but gradually got more and more interested in testing. While working on two assignments in quality assurance for the European Space Agency in the early 1990s, she really discovered her passion for processes, testing, and compliance, and since then she has used and enhanced her experience working as a test, quality assurance, and process consultant.

The pervasiveness of IT has allowed Anne Mette Hass to work in many different business from life science to games and also including the oil industry, banking, insurance, the public sector, and universities. Anne Mette Hass has lived and work in Denmark, where she comes from, and Norway, England, France, and Italy for longer periods.

It is important to Anne Mette Hass to have a deep understanding of what she is doing, and therefore she mixed practical work and theory. She holds an ISEB Practitioner certification, corresponding to all ISTQB Advanced certifications, and she has taught ISTQB Foundation and ISTQB Advanced Test Manager and Test Analyst.

Since 2008 Anne Mette Hass has been a member of the working group for ISO 29119 Standard for Software Test, where she is editor for Part 3, Test Documentation. The first 3 parts of the standard was published in August 2013. The working group has members from over 20 countries.

Anne Mette Hass is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and has solid experience in teaching at many levels.

Anne Mette Hass has written more than 30 papers, primarily about testing, but also about requirements and configuration management issues.

In addition to this Anne Mette Hass has developed the poster “Software Testing more or less according to ISO 29119”.

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