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Striving For Zero Bugs On The Test Environment

Reading Time: 1 minute

When Kevin Harris first started 18 years ago, the tester’s role was pretty simple – find as many bugs as you can. That was it. And he was pretty good at that – in his first few years he found literally thousands of bugs.

Here we are many years later, and he’d like to think that he’s a much better tester than he used to be – more experienced, using more techniques and more tools to find bugs in more and more interesting ways. And he’s working on systems incredibly more complex than he ever used to, with more moving parts and more things that could go wrong.

And yet, he’s not raising anywhere near as many bugs as he used to. So why is that?

In this webinar,  Kevin looks at 10 simple improvements in the way we work which mean that we’re now either catching bugs before they get to the test environment, or, even better, preventing them from happening in the first place.

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Kevin Harris (NewVoiceMedia, UK)

Kevin has been in Software Testing for more than 15 years, working in a variety of industries – loyalty, travel, health, Government, marketing and communications, and in a variety of roles from Tester to Test Manager (via Developer, Business Analyst and Scrum Master).

Kevin is specifically interested in the Agile Process and the positive effect it has had on the Development process in the last ten years.

Kevin lives in a small village in the South of England, where he moans about the weather, grows dandelions and fails to put up shelves.

One comment to Striving For Zero Bugs On The Test Environment

  1. Paul French says:

    Superb webinar this one. It’s all stuff that I’ve heard before but really resonated with me. Watched this live and twice since. Going to post on the forum about this one so hopefully can get some additional comments on there

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