Lessons Learned From Being A Casualty Simulation Victim

Nathalie van Delft

Turien & Co. Assuradeuren

Nathalie is always pursuing quality, not only in her job, but also in her hobbies. Her biggest hobby is being a Casualty Simulation Victim, which is basically testing first-aiders and hospital personnel. Since the testing PROCESS isn’t that different from the process of setting up a casualty simulation scene, Nathalie started to take notice of lessons learned that she could bring back to her working environment to improve the quality of her work. Her presentation is about those lessons learned and what the benefits are when applying those lessons. In this presentation Nathalie will talk about her experiences as a…....

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About Me!

Nathalie is a Test team Leader at an underwriter called Turien en Co. in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. She’s been involved in IT (professionally) since 1997 and is involved Software Testing since 2004. She is very passionate about (software) testing in general, but the subjects Data Warehouse Testing, E2E-testing, Standardization, Ethics/Philosophy and Test Architecture (Framework) are most favorite.

She speaks on national and international test events on regular basis, writes in specialist publications and she’s a BNTQB board member. She’s married, has no kids and is a very enthusiastic Casualty Simulation Victim. She’s a FunTESTic TestFanatic and proud of it!

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