Exploratory Testing As Code

Brendan Connolly

Carpe Data

Across the software industry, development has a uniform process: pull a work item, analyze requirements, code, review, merge and release. Testing processes however, vary wildly across teams and this variation of process only increases when considering exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is one of the most powerful and effective techniques available to highlight the value that testers bring to teams, but its adoption, impact and evolution is inhibited because there isn’t a standard widely accepted process to enable the transparency and traceability to make it a non controversial de-facto standard across the software industry. Instead of introducing test specific process and…....

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About Me!

Brendan is a Test Automation University instructor and recipient of the EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award.

He is currently the Director of Quality Engineering at Carpe Data, an insure-tech company providing next generation data solutions to insurance carriers. Brendan is focused on creating and executing testing strategies and building healthy teams that enable quality outcomes.

For more information, including links to his articles, podcast appearances and conference talks visit his blog brendanconnolly.net

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