An Introduction to Exploratory Testing

John Spitta

Keysight Technologies

What is Exploratory Testing? This is a simple question that is not easily answered. Join us on the 5th August to learn more about what exactly Exploratory Testing is. We welcome John Spitta from Keysight Technologies (formally EggPlant) to discuss and explore exploratory testing. John will dive into what is exploratory testing, how you should go about taking your first steps in exploratory testing and the best approach to take. Learn where exploratory testing fits into the testing cycle and how it can compliment your testing and automation. In this session, John will also explore some helpful tools that you…....

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About Me!

John Spitta is a Technical Consultant with Keysight Technologies (formally EggPlant). He is passionate about non-invasive UI testing using Eggplant and Eggplant AI.

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