Thinking Through Your Role

James Bach & Jon Bach


James and Jon Bach recently taught a new class called Reinventing Testers. As part of the class, they developed a style of diagramming roles which they call “rolegrams” and a one page cheat sheet that helps people think about the elements and dynamics of their roles. In this webinar, they will present these heuristics, so that you can more clearly assess and negotiate your own role on a technical team. Key Takeaways: A diagramming method that helps discuss roles A one page analysis heuristic for roles Why roles matter on projects View Slideshare....

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About Me!

James Bach is co-author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing and author of Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar. He created the Rapid Software Testing methodology, which he teaches around the world. He is sometimes unpleasant on Twitter.

Jon Bach‘s career in software quality started in 1995 as contract tester for Microsoft.  Today he is the Engineering Excellence Lead for eBay where he evangelizes patterns and practices to improve software and development teams. In July, he was named among eBay’s 11,000 employees as a “Cultural Luminary.”  To people outside of eBay, he is known simply as Jon the “Bug Hunter”, an eBay employee who wants to know about how customers run into technical problems on its site. He’s on the program committee for EuroSTAR 2016 and will be presenting a workshop there about how testers can re-invent themselves in spite of moves toward DevOps or Agile — perspectives on development which tend to oversimplify testing as programmatic checking.

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