An Introduction to Lean Test Management

Iris Pinkster – O’Riordain

Professional Testing BV

Cost reductions and the quest for more efficiency are more evident in today’s business world. It also follows that our testing processes will ultimately be affected. When test techniques and methods for structured testing are introduced, this results in improvements in the production of more consistent and predictable results. Many management theories speak about “Lean” as being one of the solutions. One of the key steps in using “Lean” is the identification of which steps add value and which do not. This webinar will explore the use of “Lean” within testing and give attendees a solid introduction to the concept…....

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About Me!

Iris Pinkster – O’Riordain is test advisor at Professional Testing and has experience in testing and test management since 1996. She co-developed Logica’s method for structured testing: TestFrame ®, their test management approach and TestGrip, the method on test policy and test organization. She is co-author of the books published on these topics. She often speaks at (inter) national conferences. In 2007 she won the EuroSTAR award for “Best Tutorial”.

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