The Test Lead of my Dreams

Anna Hoff

Ikano Bank

What characterises the perfect test lead? Structured? Caring? Excellent endurance? There are a lot of things written about how a good test lead should do and be. But what is it that we testers really appreciate and look for in a good test lead. I will bring up some good traits from some really good test leads that I have met and also a few not so good.....

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About Me!

I got involved with testing by an accident. When I got my masters degree in 2002 the amount of available jobs were not exactly overwhelming. But I got two offers: tester and store manager. I had never thought about becoming a tester but I knew for sure that I would not have any use of my education working as a store manager (It was not an IT/computer related store), so I took the job as a tester. After a while I discovered that it was not as bad after all :-)Performed the supertester at EuroSTAR in 2009 & 2010.One of the best things with the testing community is that most testers are very generous and love talking about anything when it comes to testing. Just grab someone at a gathering and you will be filled with new ideas in seconds. Let the ideas settle and try them on yourself.

Are you prepared to, during 5 years, do what 95% of the population will never do, to, in 5 years, achieve what 95% will never achieve?

– Charlie Söderberg (Economy expert)

“The only way to do great work is to love the work you do”

– Steve Jobs

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