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How To Solve Testing Problems Without Solving Them

Reading Time: 1 minute

We get challenged daily by all sorts of problems, like unstable test environments, unclear documentation or missing test strategies. These are problems we encounter very often! Luckily for us, it seems we are very capable of dealing with them. But are we really as good as we think we are in doing this?

In dealing with our problems, we often focus on symptoms, not the problem itself. Does that really help solving our problems? Does that help us reaching project goals? Often not. Often, while doing this, we make our problems even bigger. This webinar provides you with a different way of interpreting and solving problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Problems don’t exist – perceptions do
  • Change your way of thinking as a tester
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Bart Vrenegoor

Bart Vrenegoor began his career as a software tester. He is an international speaker, author and coach on these subjects. Besides his R&D work, Bart is the global lead of test offerings around IBM software within the Sogeti Group. As part of this role, he’s responsible for the services around software testing and IBM Rational.

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