Session-Based Testing in Practice

Carsten Feildberg

Independent Software Testing Consultant

In this talk session-based testing will be introduced and discussed. One of the context-driven testing principles is that there is no best practice, only good practices in context. However, session-based testing seems to break that principle. Carsten believes that session-based testing is much more structured than any other form of testing he has tried. He also says it is difficult and demanding, albeit rewarding. In this talk Carsten will introduce session-based testing to those who might be interested, curious or looking for ways to improve their testing. Keypoints: Introduce session-based test management Discuss and highlight the benefits of using SBTM as seen from the…....

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About Me!

Carsten Feilberg is a passionate Test Manager and Consultant at Strand & Donslund A/S in Denmark. He is a regular speaker at conferences, blogger and teacher of testing from a context-driven point of view. He loves to discuss testing, explore new options and solve problems.

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