Lessons Learned from Many years of Managing Testing

Johanna Rothman

Rothman Consulting Group

Rothman shares her lessons learned in 20 years of software testing, and suggest how you can adapt those lessons, whether you are working on a traditional or agile project. Key Takeaways: Adapt from your mistakes in both traditional and agile projects The value of software, and how to manage a project successfully....

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About Me!

Known as the “Pragmatic Manager”, Rothman is an expert in managing high technology product developments. She provides frank advice—often with a little humor—for your tough problems. Rothman first became a tester in 1985, because “I was too stupid to be a developer” according to one of her interviewers. In 1988, she first started managing a test group. Since then, she has started her business, Rothman Consulting Group, and has managed testers, coached testers, or coached project managers in what they should—and shouldn’t—expect from testers.

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