The Joy of Weekend Testing Facilitation

Ajay Balamurugadas

Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd

This webinar focuses on the experiences of weekend testing facilitation. It highlights the tasks carried out behind the scenes – the preparation, coaching, troubleshooting, resolving conflicts, and more. Filled with lots of real experiences, this will make you appreciate the efforts of the facilitator. If you want to know the secret behind good weekend testing sessions, then attend the webinar by Ajay Balamurugadas, facilitator for over fifty weekend testing sessions. Key Takeaways: Experience of facilitation Lessons learnt in facilitation Real time stories & unique experiences....

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About Me!

I continuously explore and update my software testing expertise by attending workshops, participating in software testing forums discussions and FINALLY “Practicing” what I learn . One of the ways I practice is to organize testing session every week along with the members of “Weekend Testing” community. Please email [email protected] or visit for further details.

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