The Third Project Paradigm

Geoff Thompson


Many times we find our capability as testers being measured on our ability to help a project or program deliver to budget and on time. A lot of the time one key measurement is not included: Quality. How many of us are given quality objectives to achieve? Not many in my experience. This presentation looks at quality – it attempts to define it, and uses real life examples to help us understand quite how complex a subject this is. Focus is also given to looking at how some companies have made it very simple and are using their product quality…....

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About Me!

Geoff is the Consultancy Director for Experimentus, a quality consultancy based in the UK and working globally. He has a real passion for software testing. He is a founder member of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), the TMMi Foundation, and the UK Testing Board and is currently the Secretary of the ISTQB and Chairman of The UK Testing Board. He co-authored the BCS book Software Testing – An ISEB/ISTQB foundation. In 2008 Geoff was awarded the European Testing Excellence Award, and in 2015 he was awarded the Software Testing European Lifetime Achievement award. He also was the Chair for EuroSTAR 2011

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