Climbing to the Cloud With Simulated Environments

Kyle Brown/Jochem Feekes


Like many organisations, Santander, a large retail, and commercial bank based in the United Kingdom, is working through digital transformations to improve their ability to deliver applications more effectively. The organisation is optimising their environment by migrating their application landscape to the cloud. Kyle Brown, lead engineer at Santander in the UK, is heading the charge by implementing service virtualisation. His initial tactic was to optimise test environments and development efforts using the industrialised method. After discussions and alignment with leadership, it became clear that Santander needed a different approach. With a focus on supporting the cloud migration, Kyle adjusted…....

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About Me!

Kyle Brown

Kyle is an enthusiastic engineer and enjoys all things techy. Driven by constant learning, change and innovation he works to deliver best solutions for his organisation. Starting his Career in 2013 in QA, then moving into the Software development arena a year later where since he has leveraged the best of both worlds.

Kyle loves to innovate and architect solutions, especially in the financial sector. Subjects of interest are Service Virtualisation, Test Data Management, Full Stack software development and cloud. In his free time, he likes to stay active with his hobbies; Boxing, Mountain biking and going to the gym. He also enjoys learning Spanish and ethical hacking.


Jochem Feekes

Jochem Feekes enjoys helping organisations realize business value through their testing & quality efforts. Subjects of interest include service virtualisation, API testing, automated testing & CI/CD. In his free time, he enjoys dancing Lindy Hop and climbing, and after renovating his 1911 home you can also reach out to him for construction tips.

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