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How to Assess your Test Manager

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eBook - Intermediate

Test Managers often assess the competence of testers. In this eBook, we turn the tables, to allow testers to assess Test Managers. As a building block along the way, we give two views of a Test Manager: that from the point of view of a Testers, and that from the stand-point of a Test Manager himself/herself. Peter spent much of his working life as a tester, whilst Fabián has worked for a significant number of years as a Test Manager. These two views may not seem compatible, but from here, we enable a Test Manager to be assessed in a (more or less) objective way. The advantage of this approach is that the process can be carried over, to allow a more objective assessment to be made of ANY role ………………………….





peter morgan

Peter Morgan (Independent Consultant, UK)

Peter is a (retired) testing professional who was involved in the ICT industry for more than 30 years,and worked in the freelance marketplace for much of that time. All of his work was within the UK, primarily as a ‘tester’. Peter is still actively involved in the examination process for software testers, both writing exam questions and critically reviewing the submissions of course providers on behalf of the UKTB.




Fabian ScaranoFabián Scarano (NETS, Denmark)

has 17 years thorough international experience leading test and providing project support on major IT projects for world leading companies. Before he has been working as software engineer for 11 years. In 1986 Fabián obtains a Bachelor degree in Computer Science Research, specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

He is an experienced and a recognised leader in both the theoretical and the practical field within testing, where he focus to provide business benefits to the projects. Fabián has contributed with his knowledge worldwide: Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, Netherlands, France, Finland, South Africa, as the mayor jobs. Fabián is currently employed at Nets in Denmark.

He has been international speaker at EuroSTAR in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Cologne The Hague, Manchester (2011) and Dublin. He was also speaker in other testing conferences in Europe: Belgium testing Days and DSTB in Copenhagen, etc. He has been part of EuroSTAR review committee since 2005.

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