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The Supertesters – A Slightly True Story

Reading Time: 1 minute

The Supertester – A slightly true story” is a theatre performance where Linda Hoff and Anna Hoff guide you through  some serious test issues and common prejudices with laughs. In the show Linda and Anna take on the roles and personalities of project managers, testers and super heroes to use prejudice and radical opinions in our effort to entertain and inspire.

You will meet the project manager who blame the test department for everything that goes wrong. The project manager loves all the new and cool development methods. He is not making it easy for the poor shy little company tester who lost the last shred of self confidence the first day at work. Can she be saved by the magnificent Supertester and once again be restored to a strong tester who stand up for her profession? Will the powers of the Supertester be enough to save the organisation?



Anna Hoff has a Master of Science in Software Engineering with a specialisation in management from Blekinge Institute of Technology and started working as a tester shortly after. Anna has explored the subject ever since and has a ISTQB certification. Linda Hoff has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Blekinge Institute of Technology. Linda has both ISTQB and Scrum Master Certifications. Linda has also been talking at different conferences in a more traditional way. For example “Help, I’m stuck in a Scrum project” at EuroSTAR 2010.

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