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Category Archives: Test Management

  • Experience-based Testing Strategies

    On various software testing resources, the concept that you might see being mentioned often is the mysterious “Experience-Based Test Techniques”. Teaching testing I always had a hard time trying to explain what it was. It’s very hard to teach “experience”. …

  • Unconventional Wisdom V10: What is A Test Case anyway? No Test Cases, No Way

    Each month in a forthright post, Robin dispels some truth that you otherwise might not realise with his regular Unconventional blog. In the latest instalment, Robin looks at what is a Test Case, does it matter and why?   “We don’t …

    • 22/05/2017
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    • Posted by Robin
  • Test Environment Management: The Secret Ingredient for DevOps

    The rapid adoption of DevOps necessitates continuous delivery and a shift toward higher levels of test automation. As a result, QA teams often invest a lot of time and effort in ensuring their tests are automated as a part of …

    • 08/05/2017
    • Posted by Nikhil
  • What is the Test Manager Role in Agile?

    I read an article the other day written by a consultancy company talking about the future roll of test management. The audience for the article was freelance consultants like myself. Reading it got me thinking about the idea of the test manager …

    • 09/04/2017
    • Posted by Martin
  • Is the Demand For Software Testing Jobs On The Rise?

    The demand for quality assurance skills is on the rise. However, the talent pool may be shallower than business leaders realise. Quality assurance efforts have always been a critical component of software development, but some companies have been forced to make cuts …

    • 09/03/2017
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    • Posted by Daragh
  • Tester Developer Relationship – The Friction between Developer and Testers

    Software testing team leaders need to take action to demonstrate their unit’s value and get out from the shadow of developers, to get to the core of the Tester Developer Relationship. Software developers and testers have long had to deal with …

    • 02/03/2017
    • no comments
    • Posted by Ronan
  • Is Crowdsourcing Testing Good for Quality Assurance?

    More organisations have considered using crowdsourcing testing to handle their quality assurance needs, but the approach presents a number of concerns. IT professionals are consistently tasked with carrying out a litany of repetitive and monotonous processes. These routine duties can …

    • 12/02/2017
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    • Posted by Sanjay
  • Pick your battles (and have some fun while doing it..)

    Do you know how many I Do’s there are in the ABBA song? Or how many products Ikea has? People attending our EuroSTARtutorial on Monday October 31st now know this.. Of course not only that, but as we had SO …

    • 17/11/2016
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    • Posted by Greet
  • Top 5 Tips to Keep Your IT Team Connected

    The average IT team handles a wide range of jobs spread out all over a business’s technical backbone. This uniquely scattered structure can make it difficult for teams to stay connected, whether members are isolated from the rest of the …

    • 04/10/2016
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    • Posted by Andrea
  • Quality Management Office: Let’s lead software Projects by Quality

    Quality is one of the most important factors for a successful software roleout. I would like to share the idea of leading projects by quality and not by so called management. The idea is to implement a QMO (Quality Management Office) …

    • 14/09/2016
    • no comments
    • Posted by Falk
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