Quality Conscious Software Delivery

Lalitkumar Bhamare

Accenture Song

Awarded the EuroSTAR 2022 Software Testing Best Paper award, this eBook explores how Quality Conscious Software Delivery can help improve quality in your organisation. Major digital and business transformations taking place in organisations warrant rapid development and innovations in the way software is delivered. Project teams do make efforts to deliver value at high speed without sacrificing quality. However, despite technological innovations and modern delivery methodologies, the triple constraint triangle of Speed-Cost-Quality remains. And when it comes to picking any two of them, the trade-off usually happens at the cost of quality. While it helps to monetise the business value…....

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About Me!

With over 14 years of experience, Lalitkumar (Lalit) is working as a test engineering and s/w quality leader. He has been working in various aspects of test engineering right from the shift left to production telemetry. Lalit’s specialty is to help organizations with their business and digital transfor- mation using testing and quality consciousness as tools for transformation. To achieve that he has created his own delivery framework named Quality Con- scious Software Delivery (QCSD). Lalit is known in the global testing industry for his contribution to the community
in various forms such as through his non- profit publication named Teatime with Testers, as Director at Association for Software Testing – USA, as an international keynote speaker and testing thought leader. Over the decade, Lalit has been working closely with industry experts and leaders across the globe and has made an active contribution in taking the craft of software testing ahead.

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