Continuous Quality – The Secret of the Pharaohs

Adonis Celestine


We are fortunate to be in an industry buzzing with energy creating exciting innovations and tools, every single day. However, time and again, building reliable software has remained a challenge. In this competitive world, being first is considered more important than being perfect. But customers have always valued perfection and quality products have their own place in the market. If you thought your projects had impossible constraints and difficult timelines, imagine trying to build the Great Pyramid. How did the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt achieve Continuous Quality in their buildings? Built 4500 years ago, The Great pyramid of Giza remains…....

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About Me!

Adonis Celestine specialises in making software testing easy and innovative for everyone. Adonis leads the Solutions Architect team at Cognizant. He finds nothing more satisfying than providing the right solutions to the customers, solving their problems in a creative way and contributing to the overall success. He has several years of experience in the Quality Assurance industry across customers in Europe.

Adonis believes in a broader perspective of quality assurance, where the role of quality engineer goes beyond testing features against requirements. He strives to incorporate modern technologies to automate this perspective in his day to day job.
Adonis also loves public speaking and writes at his leisure. In this paper, he wants to bring in a broader perspective of quality assurance and how to adopt it.

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