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Continuous Quality As a Key for 5 Star Mobile App Delivery

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The global shift to mobile applications as the primary means of accessing the internet is undeniable and has caused enterprises to quickly develop mobile channels for their new and existing business applications. With the many other challenges this trend has presented, it was time for enterprises to lasso the wild west of mobile application development and find a way to increase the velocity of their mobile app releases to keep pace with these ever changing mobile market dynamics all without compromising quality.

And, with every passing iOS upgrade and Android feature, comes greater end-user expectations around mobile apps’ performance and usability. As a result a new industry standard was born – Continuous Quality – where mobile app development times are reduced from once or twice a year to once or twice an hour to address the real-time nature of monitoring and maintaining an app’s quality performance.

As Developers and Dev/Test teams evaluate the wide range of test automation frameworks and tools available, they will realize there is no white horse around to save their damsel in distress.

So, it’s important that they look for an environment that has the following capabilities to achieve a Continuous Quality process:
• Real end user environment
• Enterprise security
• Open and Integrated platform – so they can easily leverage existing tools and frameworks
• Global and collaborative lab
• An Hybrid Cloud deployment model (Private cloud, Public, Local – USB)
• Elastic for capacity on demand

Key Takeaways:
• How to include testing in every sprint and bake Performance and network conditions into their test code
• How to efficiently automate their tests across platforms in a cross-platform test code
• How to move beyond automating test code into automating the entire CI process
• How to leverage post production monitoring of your mobile apps for continuous quality



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Eran Kinsbruner (Perfecto Mobile, Israel)

Eran is director of product marketing and a mobile quality thought leader at Perfecto Mobile, the leading continuous quality and cloud-based mobile application testing and automation company. Formerly CTO for mobile testing and Texas Instruments and project manager at Matrix, Eran has been in testing since 1999 with experience that includes managing teams at Qulicke & Soffa, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, and NeuStar. The co-inventor of a test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing at Sun Microsystems, Eran has extensive experience in the mobile testing world. You can find Eran on Twitter @ek121268, LinkedIn, and his professional mobile testing blog at Eran also writes regularly for the Perfecto Mobile blog.

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