Optimizing Test Automation through Android & iOS Property Files

Eran Kinsbruner


Todays mobile space is fragmented than ever. Android platform consists of 4-5 operating systems (OS) families including KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo, and iOS supports 3 leading OS families including iOS 9.x, 10.x and 11.x. Each OS version differ from the other in the API’s and features it exposes to app developers. This variance poses a great challenge from a mobile testing perspective, since test automation engineers need an efficient way to intelligently route their test code against the right feature x OS x device. In this eBook, Eran Kinsbruner addresses the challenge and provides various methods to build a…....

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About Me!

A mobile development leader and veteran, Eran Kinsbruner has been in the dev & test industry since 1999. The creator and author of the quarterly Digital Test Coverage Index (Factors Magazine), and co-inventor of the test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing at Sun Microsystems, Eran serves as a prominent resource for every step of the app development cycle.

As an influential blogger and speaker at global conferences like StarEast, Eurostar Automation Guild and QAI Quest, Eran’s expertise has proven outstandingly valuable to developers and testers at organizations large and small. At a community level, Eran founded Meetups in both Boston and Israel to empower, educate, and bring together local dev/test experts, and launched a LinkedIn Group with over 5,400 mobile developers and testers from all over the world.

Eran is the author of a book titled The Digital Quality Handbook, the book will offer intel on integrating quality into every step of the development cycle to help dev & test teams meet rising consumer’s standards for mobile and web applications.

Currently, Eran is the Mobile Technical Evangelist at Perfecto, the leading cloud-based web and mobile quality lab, and was formerly the CTO for Mobile Testing at Matrix, and managed technical teams at Qulicke & Soffa, Sun Microsystems, General Electric and NeuStar. Twitter: @ek121268

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