Appium Tips & Tricks: Mobile Application Testing Made Easy

Nishnat Verma

TestVagrant Technologies

Appium is the most widely adopted mobile test automation tool. The community support has been vibrant, however, there is a lack of a structured and step-by-step guide or documentation around building a framework. The book is an attempt to bridge that gap and serve as a handheld guide to each tester who wants to build his or her own mobile test automation framework from scratch. It is intended towards developers and testers who want to learn mobile app testing and automation using Appium. The book takes you through the journey of understanding Appium and slowly get you started with test…....

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About Me!

Nishant Verma is a Co-founder of TestVagrant Technologies living in Bangalore, India.

He has around 12 years of experience in testing and development where he has worked on a variety of tools and technologies. He has hands on experience with test automation tool like WebDriver, Calabash, Frank, Appium, HP UFT (formerly QTP), and DeviceAnywhere. He specializes in mobile testing and automation with open source tool Appium. He has successfully built and delivered mobile test automation solution using Appium with various clients in different business domains.

At TestVagrant, he is instrumental in building one of the most advanced and intelligent solutions in mobile testing space. Optimus is the flagship-testing product of the company that addresses the lack of standard framework in mobile test automation space. Optimus is available to download for free from the company site.

He actively maintains his own website on testing techniques, agile testing, automation techniques and general learning (

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