Smarter Quality Management: The Fast Track to Competitive Advantage

Moshe Cohen


Organizations that create and deliver software-whether for their own IT operations, for the packaged applications market, or as the core of their final product, as in the systems space-must grapple not only with today’s tough economic climate, but also with increased complexity in their processes and supply chains. This paper introduces a practical approach to quality management (QM) that helps reduce time to market without sacrificing quality in the outcome. The underlying concepts presented here will be familiar to software project managers, especially those with QM experience, but I will explain some fundamentals as we go along to ensure all readers…....

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About Me!

Moshe Cohen is the Market Manager for IBM Rational quality management offerings. In his current role, he works closely with customers, including managers and practitioners, to  drive IBM Rational quality management offerings in both the IT and embedded systems spaces. Prior to this, he was with Telelogic, defining and driving its Model Driven Testing solutions. He has extensive hands-on experience in the specification, development, and testing of C3I medical and telecom applications, including technology adoptions and driving process improvement programs. He received his EE and M.Sc in mathematics and computer sciences, both with honors, from Beer-Sheva University in Israel.

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