Passionate Dating for Testers (Software testing techniques For Dating)

René Tuinhout


In this fun webinar, René shows which software testing techniques are subconsciously used successfully when people date. Find out why testers can make great daters! In this recorded webinar René will show why you, successful male and female testers, have it in you to be highly successful daters: Because of your capable use of testing techniques. In this session René will explore a number of techniques including: – Equivalence partitioning – (Black box) boundary value analysis – Decision tables – State transition testing and – Process test These are all covered in this humorous webinar and shown to be successful…....

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About Me!

René is a an improvisational theatre trainer, which enriches his workshops and presentations with energy, humour and audience interaction. In his working life René is a senior test advisor and coach with 17+ years of experience in software testing.

René is a frequent speaker and has presented his ideas at many (inter)national conferences on testing (e.g. Dutch TestNet meetings, Nordic Testing Days, DevConFu). In 2008 René discovered a flaw in the boundary value analysis test technique, which he corrected in the B3VA technique.

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