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Historically, software development and quality assurance were one and the same. If you built it, you also tested it. But then software grew up, and as it got more and more complex, dev and QA  needed to split up in order to do their job right. But instead of these two teams remaining close friends, they grew far apart. Each in their own world, operating in different environments, using their own workflows, speaking different languages. Who paid the price? The software. Now, complex, disconnected workflows weigh us down, slowing down our releases. Critical tests are missed, compromising our coverage. And…....

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About Me!

Xray is a market-leading test management solution for Jira users, providing an intuitive and comprehensive test management experience that is customizable for a user’s specific QA needs. As companies across all industries embrace the adoption of DevOps methodologies, Xray provides them with the tools to undergo an agile transformation through its extensible test management platform. Xray’s REST API and out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to build a CI/CD pipeline, and its powerful reports give complete visibility into test coverage and readiness to deploy.

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