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Testing Maturity Model integration (TMMi)

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TMMi is a non-commercial, organization-independent test maturity model. Erik van Veenendaal and Jan Jaap Cannegieter, also co-authors for the “The Little TMMi”, have analyzed the results of almost fifty (50) TMMi assessments. The results provide an indication of testing maturity today.

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Erik van Veenendaal & Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Erik van Veenendaal ( is a leading international consultant and trainer, and a widely recognized expert in the area of software testing and quality management with over 20 years of practical testing experience. He is the founder of Improve Quality Services BV ( He holds the EuroSTAR record, winning the best
tutorial award three times! In 2007 he received the European Testing Excellence Award for his contribution to the testing profession
over the years.


Jan Jaap Cannegieter is Vice President of SYSQA
B.V., an independent Dutch consultancy. Jan Jaap has 20 years of experience in requirements, quality assurance and testing, is author of nine books, including ‘The little TMMi’.

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