The Search for Surprises

James Lyndsay

Workroom Productions

In this talk, James Lyndsay identifies and illustrate approaches that help you to root out the ways that working software misbehaves. We’ll put these approaches in context by describing emergent behaviours, strategies and diversity, wicked problems and the temptations of confirmation. Participants with laptops can download and work through some of the exercises.....

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About Me!

James has been testing since 1986. He’s worked independently since setting up Workroom Productions in1994, and helps organisations to find surprises, to adapt their approaches, and to keep their testers interested. A regular keynote speaker and teacher at international events, and an active participant in a variety of testing communities, James has written award-winning papers, built the Black Box puzzles, kicked off the TestLab and runs the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing.

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