An Introduction to Testing on Agile Teams – The Practices & Beyond

Antony Marcano


Key Takeaways: What is it that makes a team ‘Agile’? – Practices such as Test Driven Development are a reflection of underlying values and goals. It’s the adoption of these values and goals that allows a team to gain the greatest benefit from adopting an Agile approach to software development. What are the common ‘Gotchas’ for testers on Agile teams? – For example, extraordinarily short iterations producing software with end-to-end features can catch out many testing teams. This is especially true if the test team is used to being segregated from the developers as a separate team and/or rely on…....

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About Me!

Antony Marcano is co-founder of RiverGlide, a company that guides organisations in all aspects of agility. Most of his 20+ years experience has been with Agile teams and guiding organisations that aspire to greater agility. Antony’s thought leadership is acknowledged in numerous books including Agile Coaching,Bridging The Communication Gap, Software Craftsmanship Apprenticeship Patterns and Agile Testing. Antony is also published in journals, such as Better Software Magazine, earning him his tenure there as Technical Editor. Antony is known for his inspiring and thought provoking keynote talks at international conferences, events and organisations and is a regular industry guest speaker at Oxford University.

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