Why Every Systems Test Department Should Have a Test Developer (…or Two)

Kristoffer Nordström

Northern Test Consulting AB

The webinar describes why there is a need for a system test department to add the skill set of a test developer to the system test department. What unique skills does the test developer bring to the group and what benefits does that entail? Where do you find a test developer for hire or how do you transform existing employees into this role? Of course there are potential drawbacks in hiring test developers instead of testers – the talk will describe what those drawbacks are and how to circumvent them. A test developer is a engineer with a divergent skill…....

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About Me!

Kristoffer Nordström (@kristoffernordstrom) is a Test Developer that in his 9 years career has worked with technologies such as Telecommunications System, Distributed Compilers, Cloud technology, Smartphone OS development, Embedded systems, and much more.

A testing devotee, and a member of the Context-Driven test community who with his own company, consults and also teaches the course “Python for testers”.

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